What design tells us about the designing Engineer

NASA has worked on a self-portrait of our own milky way galaxy and made it from observations and placed the data in an illustration that represents what we look like.  See http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/236084main_MilkyWay-full-annotated.jpg for a zoom copy. 

When we look around our own neighborhood, we see unique features in our sun that are not features of any other star.  The characteristics of our Sun of having a “Goldie Locks” uniqueness of not too cold or not to hot attributes encourages life on our planet earth.  The age, size, the makeup of material, the location in our Milky Way galaxy, the number of planets all contribute to this cosmic environment that makes advance life possible here on earth.  Astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross says that we have all the characteristics that are needed to support advanced life in our placement in the universe.   But are there any other places in the creation that can do the same?   Thus far we have not been able to find a twin to our own planet earth.   As we look further and further out in our universe, our own galaxy is all by itself.  It doesn’t look like any other galaxy.  If it doesn’t have a twin then it is one of a kind.  As a part of a cluster of galaxies known as the ‘local group,’ we see that they are unique.   As we go further out, we find that clusters we are apart of are not common.   No twins at all these levels mean uniqueness for us and is a strong tool for measuring that uniqueness.  Some skeptic scientists say our sun and earth may be finely tuned for advanced life but there is no room for a Creator God in that uniqueness.  But these many measurements heap up a strong reason for the existence of a God Creator – Designer.

The numbers of many different requirements for life and for fine-tuning of the design of the universe – shows up in the many constants in the formulas that describe various foundations of physics.  For example, the exact size of an electron or the proton, the exact speed of light, the exact slowing and then speeding up of the expansion rate of our universe and even the amount of mass in the universe are all detailed design features.  To me, that is what makes my jaw drop because there is no natural chance for 10 x 10410 in all we need for it to come together by itself from chance with all these variables being so precise.

Before my retirement and as an engineer, when I would make a simple design change, it wasn’t so simple to build.  I would find that it would consume much more of my time then I thought it would.  That little design would affect all the other many little details and codes that make up whole design.   Just a small little part of the total final design would make or break a mining electrical locomotive or a subway train.  I have also designed and built my own home.  I never thought it would take so long to bring it to where it is today.  I found that I would be brooding over the way it was turning out.  I would even tare down and rebuild because it was not right; Right meaning either for me or for the building code.  Magnify that complexity to the level of just this solar system.  A good design is in the details.  And there are details in all we see and cannot see!  The complexity is enormous.  But the point is that the engineer wants to see his design work and be right.  The other amazing part is God foresaw the end result before he made one thing.  He saw and made the complexity right at the first beginning of time and matter and all without trial and testing.

Then for the complexity of all, His greatest form of life where he breathed his Spirit into a being.  He gave His last creation, this man called Adam, His Spirit for the foresight and purpose that He could and would have a loving relationship with His creation.

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